James Xu

Hey! I'm James Xu, a sophomore at Duke University studying economics and computer science. I have experience developing applications using modern web frameworks such as Vue, React, and Node.js. In my free time you'll find me working on my projects and learning new things. Check out some of the highlights here!

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Buddy was created for the KPMG Ideation Challenge and won the Canada national round. The app aims to be a preventative mental health tool for students and will provide a smart journal and secure chat interface. I helped design the UI/UX and craft the technology stack.

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Developer Coordinator for HackMcGill. I worked with a team of great developers to build and enhance the registration system that hackers, sponsors, and team members will use for McHacks 8.

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Winner at Hack the North 2020++. Subspace is a remote collaboration tool built using virtual machines that allows users to create and share VMs through a web interface.

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Co-Director for MasseyHacks VI, one of Canada's largest high school hackathons. I led a team of 17 students to fund the event, reach out to industry professionals, and develop event software.

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Accountable is a personal finance app designed to give you insights into your spending habits. By analyzing receipt items line-by-line using machine learning, we are able to provide category breakdowns of your spending on a much more granular level. Built at Hack the North 2019.



CodeReach is an after school coding program for elementary school students. I developed and taught a Python-based curriculum for beginners as a teacher in the program.